2005: Another original Cole pot!

Before 2005, only three pots were known to have survived from the Cole's Tottenham Potteries in White Hart Lane. Now, in 2005, a fourth has been identified and generously donated back into the family. This page tells the story of the pot and illustrates the handover.

In June 2005 I was contacted by Carol Stevens from Broadstairs, Kent.

Original pot showing the inscription COLE TOTTENHAM

The original pot from the Cole Pottery in White Hart Lane, Tottenham, showing the inscription COLE TOTTENHAM

Her husband, Mick had come across a flowerpot from a local garden. It had been lying around for 20 years or so, and was about to be thrown away. His eye was caught by the Tottenham inscription on the side, as he had been born and bred there. So he saved the pot and brought it home.

Carol next used the internet to see what she could find out about the pot's origins and quickly hit on this website. She generously contacted me, saying that she and Mick felt that the proper place for the pot was with the family.

Thus it was that on 7th July 2005, Neil and I visited Carol and Mick, and gratefully accepted the pot. It makes only the fourth known to be still in existence. Two are in my collection and two are in Bruce Castle Museum.

Neil Cryer, Carol Stevens, Mick Stevens and Pat Cryer - the four people involved in the recent history of this newly identified original pot from the Cole Pottery in Tottenham Mick Stevens presenting the pot to Pat Cryer

Left to right: Neil Cryer, Carol Stevens who made contact about the pot, Mick Stevens who found the pot, and me, Pat Cryer


Mick, presenting the pot

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