2008: Another original Cole pot!

The Cole pot in the possession of Neil Cole (no relation)

Cole pot found in the possession of Neil Cole (no relation)

This page reports on how another Cole pot made at Cole's White Hart Lane Pottery - over 60 years old - came to the attention of the family.

Surprisingly the latest Cole pot to turn up from Cole's White Hart Lane pottery is in the possession of another Cole: Neil Cole. Although he does not seem to be related to our Coles, he is nevertheless delighted to have the pot because of the Cole name. He was good enough to send me the photograph shown on the right.

The garden fork suggests scale and indicates that the pot is rather smaller than the others I have seen. It must, like all surviving Cole pots, be at least 60 years old.

Neil reports that his pot probably came from his grandmother and that his mother has three more. Unfortunately one is cracked so she uses it indoors. She made the interesting point that the old Cole pots never go green like today's modern ones.


Below, a detail showing the Tottenham Cole inscription round the edge

The 'Tottenham Cole' inscription round the pot belonging to Neil Cole



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