The Cole Pottery in Arkley/Barnet

In the early days of owning the potteries in White Hart Lane, Tottenham, E G Cole also owned a business in Arkley which is part of Barnet. The little that is known of it is outlined on this page.

According to the local museum, the Arkley / Barnet pottery was previously owned by the Verrinder brothers who sold it to E G Cole in 1899.

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The Verrinder pottery family

I am grateful to Lynda Fase for the information that there were several Verrinder brothers initially. Their father started the Arkley pottery, or possibly took it over from a family named Field, who were listed as potters in the same general area before the Verrinders arrived.

It looks as if the Verrinders werelater joined by other relatives from Gloucestershire, but they seemed to drift away. By 1891 there were two brothers left in Arkley, who were probably the two referred to as the "Verrinder brothers". Henry Verrinder stayed in Arkley and was working as a gardener in 1901.

There was also a family called Gransby in Arkley (Henry Verrinder was married to one of them). The Gransbys were involved in the related trade of brick and tile making, and the older members of that family had been born in Tottenham in the early nineteenth century.

John Verrinder - the former owner of the Arkley pottery - was living in Tottenham in 1901 and working as a potter, possibly for Coles. Yet the births of his children show him to have been in Tottenham since about 1895, some time before the Arkley pottery was sold. There seems to have been quite a lot of movement between Arkley and Tottenham!

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Cole management at the Arkley works

One of E G Cole's older brothers, Thomas William Cole, managed the Arkley works and E G Cole left the works to him in his will. By the time that E G Cole died in 1920, however, the Arkley pottery was no longer in his possession. He just hadn't updated his will.

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The continuing Cole connection at Arkley

Later in the century, when the works no longer existed, Ethel Cole occupied a cottage on the site.

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