Anne Farr (1843 -?) born Anne Cole

Anne Cole, known informally as Annie, was born in 1843 in Lea in Essex to potter John Cole and his wife Mary, and she grew up at the Tottenham Tile Kilns. As a young women, she worked as a servant, in 1861 with her sister Charlotte in Westminster.

In 1875 at Edmonton, Anne married Charles Farr, a gardener, born Ewell in 1844, and the couple went on to have the following children:

There was also a daughter Amy Jane Farr, born 1872 at Ewell in Surrey, but as this was before Ann and Charles' marriage, she may have been the product of an earlier marriage. Or she may have been an adopted relative.

Although various census information puts Charles and Ann at Long Ditton, according to later information within the family they kept a small farm at a place called Ruxley Ewell in N.W. Kent.

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