Descendants of Daniel Cole, potter and brickmaker (c1772-1840)

The following chart shows those descendants of Daniel Cole that we know about.

The individuals marked in red have their own pages - see the key at the end of the chart. 'Who came before' is uncertain at the moment - see the page on the ancestry of Daniel Cole.

Descendants of Daniel Cole

Additionally is a page on Charles Cole, brickmaker of Islington, who I suspect has similar ancestry.

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Where my mother and I fit in

My mother was Florence Edith Clarke (born Cole) who is shown in the lowest part of the chart.

She was born on January 27th 1906 to parents Herbert James Claud Cole and Florence Maria Cole (born Bartlett). Both parents were born in the 1880s but just missed the 1881 census with birth dates of 30 July 1881 and 11 September 1882 respectively. They married on 19 September 1904.

My mother was one of four children: two brothers and one sister who died as a baby, which was unfortunately fairly typical in many families of the time.

The three surviving children grew up at 116 Lopen Road, Edmonton, which is now Enfield.

My mother attended Silver Street School in Edmonton until she was 14 years old. She spent numerous weekends and school holidays with her more affluent Cole grandparents in their large house at the Cole Pottery a few miles away in Tottenham and she clearly recognised the stark contrast between the standards of living there and at home. 

She married my father, Leonard George Clarke on 9 July 1938 at West Wratting, Cambridgeshire where her parents had retired to, and I came along in the following year. She wrote her childhood recollections in the 1980s and left me several notebooks filled with closely packed, spidery writing. These shed considerable light on what life was like at the time. They can be seen on Join me in the 1900s.

My mother died on 14 February 2002 in a nursing home near where I live.

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