Ethel Maud Silver (born COLE) (1888 - 1947)

Ethel Maud Cole (who became Ethel Maud Silver)

Ethel Maud Cole was born on 4 January 1888. She was a live-wire who kept in touch with all the family - so I remember her well. Before her marriage to Arthur Silver, she was employed as a housekeeper in various large houses. When I knew her, she was the business woman of her family - she was running a small off-licence-cum general shop at Arkley, Hertfordshire on or near the family pottery that used to exist there. Ethel owned property that she rented out.

Ethel had four daughters:

In 1947 Ethel visited Australia to see her sisters Mary and Grace. At that time such a visit was a major undertaking with the journey taking 5 days even by plane.

Ethel died in 1966.

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