James Reedman COLE (1857 - 1936)


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James Reedman COLE (1857 - 1936)

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[Line of descent of James Reedman Cole : Daniel Cole -> John Cole ->  James Reedman Cole]

James Reedman Cole and his wife, born Elizabeth Caroline Ellis, were my Cole great grandparents




Computer generated notes on his life

Photographs and documents charting his life

Recollections of James Reedman Cole by his grandson Edward George Cole (2nd) with a note by Pat's mother




Father: John Cole (b. 14 Oct 1807, d. 29 Oct 1897)

Mother: Mary Colley (b. 26 Feb 1813, d. 04 Feb 1896)

Birth 23 Nov 1857 The Tottenham Tile Kilns
Name   His 'Reedman' middle name given by his parents as a token of love and respect for Mary Ann (their eldest daughter) and her husband Edward John Reedman who had just emigrated to Australia.
Census 1861 08 Apr 1861 Tile Kilns; age 3 with parents and some siblings.
Education   Hermitage Road School, Tottenham.
Employment   Started out as a schoolmaster, but gave this up to join his brother, E. G. Cole, in taking over the pottery when their two elder brothers had run into financial difficulties with it. 
Marriage 14 Feb 1880 Elizabeth Caroline ELLIS (b. 17 Aug 1861, d. 20 Jan 1936); Parish Church, Tottenham
Census1881 04 Apr 1881 Elizabeth Caroline ELLIS (b. 17 Aug 1861, d. 20 Jan 1936); Queen St, Tottenham; age 23 with wife Elizabeth C age 19, two house, but one, next to his brother John Thomas.
Son: 30 Jul 1881 Herbert James Claud COLE; Queen Street, Tottenham.
Daughter 20 Sep 1883 Edith Elizabeth COLE; Tottenham.
Daughter 04 Jul 1886 Mary May COLE; Tottenham.
Daughter 04 Jan 1888 Ethel Maud COLE; Tottenham.
Daughter 26 Sep 1890 Ivy COLE; Tottenham.
Census1891 04 Apr 1891 Elizabeth Caroline ELLIS (b. 17 Aug 1861, d. 20 Jan 1936); living with five children at 5A Princes Street next to Elizabeth Caroline's father, John George Ellis. James is Foreman at Potteries. James aged 33 and Elizabeth Caroline aged 29.
Daughter (twin) 06 Sep 1892 Annie COLE
Daughter (twin) 1889 Emily COLE
Daughter 04 Nov 1893 Grace Ellis COLE
Son 28 Nov 1899 Arthur Edward COLE; This was his official birthday, the one that appears on all the records and which he celebrated. In fact, though, he was born on 14 November. As his mother was late in registering the birth, which had to be done within six weeks to avoid a penalty, she gave the later date.
Census1901 31 Mar 1901  3 Prospect Place; as a potter, age 43.
Address 1910 - 1930s  Tentdale; By 1910 he and his family had moved into Tentdale where he was the live-in manager of the Cole Potteries.
Address 1930s  Turned out of the Tentdale by the then owner, Sid Cole, and living in various flats in Ruislip and Hillingdon as well as with son Arthur and his wife.
Illness 31 Mar 1901  His hands used to shake, so he could have had Parkinsons like his grandson, Ron, via daughter Ivy.
17 Jun 1936 17 Jun 1936 The newspaper obituary put him at 79 when he died, although he was still only 78.


Dates are approximate.

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James Reedman Cole. 1857 - thumbnail


James Reedman Cole. 1880 - thumbnail


Birth certificate of James Reedman Cole. 1857


Marriage certificate of James Reedman Cole and Ellizabeth Caroline Ellis. 1880


James Reedman Cole. 1926 - thumbnail


James Reedman Cole. 1926 - thumbnail



Christmas 1926 at Lopen Road, top left to right: daughter Annie, son Jim, grandson Ted's wife Win, unknown, bottom row: Ted, granddaughter Cis, son Arthur's wife Mag, James Reedman, Florence Maria, Arthur. 1926


Christmas 1926 at Lopen Road, top left to right: unknown, son Jim, Annie, Cis, James Reedman, bottom row: Mag , Win , Florence Maria. 1926



James Reedman Cole. 1926 - thumbnail



Grandson Ted's wife Winifred (Funnell) Cole and James Reedman Cole, Christmas 1926, at 116 Lopen Road. 1926





James Reedman Cole and his wife Elizabeth Caroline Cole. 1930 - thumbnail


James Reedman Cole and his wife Elizabeth Caroline Cole. 1930 - thumbnail



James Reedman and Elizabeth Caroline sitting together, probably in Ruislip after leaving the pottery. 1930


Charabang outing: James Reedman (standing), Elizabeth Caroline Cole (on his left), Mag and Arthur (third row from the back). 1930



James Reedman Cole and his wife Elizabeth Caroline Cole. 1930 - thumbnail


James Reedman Cole. 1930 - thumbnail



L to R: Elizabeth Caroline, James Reedman, presumably with their granddaughter Elizabeth Mitchell and her husband Leslie D'Albertson.


Top left to right: Ted's friend Bob Simmons, Jim, Ethel's son-in-law Lawrence Wooding, Arthur, bottom: Ethel's husband Thomas Arthur Silver, James Reedman. 1930



James Reedman Cole. 1930 - thumbnail


James Reedman Cole and his wife Elizabeth Caroline Cole. 1930 - thumbnail



James Reedman. 1930


Top L to R: Ethel, Jim, Arthur, Annie. Bottom L to R: James Reedman, Elizabeth Caroline. 1930



James Reedman Cole, death notice. 1935 - thumbnail


James Reedman Cole and his wife Elizabeth Caroline Cole, grave. 1936 - thumbnail



Notice of death of James Reedman Cole in Tottenham Weekly Herald. 1935


Grave with headstone. 1936






by his grandson Edward George Cole (2nd)

"My grandfather was a man of few words and appeared to have no interests other than his work. He started work at 4 a.m. He lived at various addresses in Tottenham but for all the time I remember he lived at Tentdale, the house attached to the pottery, which was fair sized and, I imagine, there before the pottery. He spent a lot of time sitting in the porch at the side of the house looking out over the fields opposite. Although I was 29 when he died, I never remember having a conversation with him. If, as children, we called in when out for a walk (it was in a rural setting), he would look up at the sky and say 'you had better cut along while it is fine'. This could be in the middle of a heat wave.

He did a fair amount of family visiting and, I understand, quite a lot of cycling in his younger days. I gather that he was, at one time, interested in the Congregational Church at the Edmonton / Tottenham boundary as I remember him being one of the trustees of the slate club (a friendly society) based at the church. One of my recollections of Sunday evenings at the house was him playing the piano with my aunts, and my mother, standing round singing hymns and ballads of an earlier period. As I said, it was a fair sized house, situated in a rural setting, which made it an ideal venue for a walk or visit, particularly as there were various members of the large Ellis family (his wife's family) living within the area. My grandmother did a lot of entertaining and it was her boast that they never had Sunday Tea (a major social meal) on their own.

When they left the pottery, they went to live with their son Arthur at Bush Hill Park. When Arthur moved away from the district they took rooms in Wood Green but this was only for a short time. My grandmother died and my grandfather then went to again live with Arthur, now at Ruislip, until he died on 17 June 1936, aged 77."


Note by Pat's mother, born Florence Edith Cole: "My grandfather was very fair with one of those creamy almost transparent skins, quite unlike his brother EG who was a big, ruddy, burly man."