Martha Maria Andrew (born COLE) (1847-1923)

Martha Maria Cole (1847-1923)

Martha Maria Cole was the fifth daughter of John Cole. She was born in 1847. At the age of 4 the 1851 census showed hear with the family at the Tile Kilns. By 1871 she was a servant in Stoke Newington. the location of the Tile Kilns.

In 1882 at the age of 35, Martha married Thomas Hunter Richardson Andrew in New Zealand, but what took her out there or how she met Thomas is unknown.

Shipping records show that as Mrs Martha Andrew she arrived in South Australia on 3 December 1890. Where Thomas was at the time, or even if he was still alive, is unknown. It is likely that the appeal of Australia was her sister, Mary Ann Reedman, who was living there, but the visit was probably a holiday rather than a re-settling as my mother recalled that when Martha's sister Kate died in 1917, she left various items to Martha in New Zealand.

Martha's last address was the "Home for Incurables" in Adelaide where she was admitted on the 18th March 1921 suffering from arteriosclerosis. She was by then documented as a widow and her next of kin was given as Mary Ann Reedman. So presumably she had no living children.

Martha died on the 14 January 1923, aged 73 years and was buried in the plot of Edward John Reedman and, later, his wife, Martha's sister, Mary Ann. The source of the photo was Edward John's sister, Sarah Venning.

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