Mary Ann Reedman (born COLE) (1807 - 1897)

Mary Ann Cole (who became Mary Ann Reedman)

Mary Ann Cole was the eldest child of John Cole. She was born in 1835, probably a few days before her baptism in Tottenham on 25 November.

She married a local lad, Edward John Reedman, and emigrated with him to Australia on the Monsoon, arriving in Adelaide on 17th March 1857.

At one stage Edward partnered the Cox brothers in a brickmaking business.

Mary Ann had a very large family, and became one of the 'founding mothers' of what is now effectively an Australian Reedman dynasty.

Mary Ann kept close ties with her English family and remembered them when she came to name her sons.

By the time Mary Ann died on 30th July 1927, she had seen the son she named after her father - John Cole Reedman - become famous, plus a further Cole-Reedman marriage. One can imagine how pleased she must have been, as in those days when one emigrated from England to Australia, one did not ever expect to see one's English family again.


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