Mary May Smith (born COLE) (1886-1967)

Mary May Cole (who became Mary May Smith)

Mary May Cole, known as May, was born on 4 July 1886 to James Reedman Cole and his wife Elizabeth Caroline. 

Mary May Cole outside the Pottery House in Tottenham, c1910

She grew up at the family's White Hart Lane pottery and the photo shows her outside the family house around 1910.

She married Charles Smith in Paris. While in France she was cured of blindness with Lourdes water, and afterwards became a staunch Roman Catholic.

Shortly afterwards, May and Charles emigrated to Australia. During the second world war and the serious shortages back in the UK she sent very welcome food parcels back to her family in England.

May and Charles had one son and one daughter: John Cole Smith and Florence May Smith. John fought with the allies in the Australian forces during the second world war, so May must have been acutely aware of the impacts of that war. She died on 22 May 1967.

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