Sarah Plume (1802-1866) born Sarah Cole

Sarah Cole (1802-1866) was the twin daughter of the nominal founder of the family pottery and brickmaking business, Daniel Cole. This page provides a summary of her life and an outline of the Plume family she married into.

Sarah Cole and her twin Catherine were born on 9 July 1802 into a family consisting of their mother Ann, their father Daniel and their brother Thomas. However, at the time of their birth and their baptisms on 1 Aug 1802 at Old Church, St Pancras, their father was away serving in the Napoleonic wars with Nelson's Navy. That stint finished on in December 1803 - although he was to return to the navy - so the toddler twins were suddenly presented with a father they had never seen! Presumably their mother had the support of other pottery and brickmaking families in the area, who may well have been related, but no supporting records have come to light.

Daniel, the twins' father was permanently discharged from the navy on 13 Sep 1805, whereupon the family continued to live in the St Pancras area, at least until son John was born on 14 October 1807. While there, Daniel plied his trade as a potter in Tileyard Road, Islington. Sometime before 16 November 1809 the family moved to the Tile Kilins in Green Lanes, near Stoke Newington, the birthplace of younger brother Daniel as given in later census records. Sarah would have been seven years old, well old enough to realise that she had spent her early life in St Pancras. Yet in later censuses her birthplace was always given as Hackney, which was one of the registration areas for the Tile Kilns. (Twin Catherine was always documented as being born in Islington/St Pancras.)

On 29 Jun 1823 at the age of 20 Sarah married Jeremiah Plume at Old Church, Saint Pancras. Jeremiah, baptised in 1799 at Enfield, was the son of a father by the same name, Jeremiah Plume (1768-1842), and his wife Susanna, born Susanna Fielding. They were married on 20 Feb 1798 at St Andrews Enfield. He was a cooper.

In 1841 Sarah's Jeremiah was a carpenter and she a shopkeeper. In 1851 the couple were at 20B Hockley Street, Hackney/Tower Hamlets. By 1861 Jeremiah's occupation was given as a journeyman carpenter, which means that he was a master at his craft who could have had his own business but was nevertheless working for someone else. (Journeymen were paid by the day, after 'jour' which is French for day.)

Sarah died in the second quarter of 1866, surviving her twin Catherine by less than a year and her husband Jeremiah by about two years.

Censuses suggest that Sarah and Jeremiah had no children. So they must have looked to the wider family for comfort and support: Catherine's Dean familu, brother John's Cole family and Jeremiah's Plumes. The Plumes were a large family: Jeremiah senior, baptised at Great Arnwell, Herts, was one of the eighteen children of Edward Plume and Mary Veer.

I list Sarah's husband's siblings below, in the hope that a descendant might have an old family photo and be prepare to share it:

This genealogical data on Jeremiah's siblings came from a site which is no longer available.

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