Researching individuals named Thomas COLE with Islington associations

In the family history of the Cole potters and brickmakers there is no shortage of individuals named Thomas Cole. This page examines the possible shared genealogy of two with links to the same Islington area as our earliest confirmed Cole ancestor Daniel Cole (c1772 - 1840). They are worthy of attention as they may shed more light on him.

Some Thomas Coles are reasonably clearly tied into our ancestry is some way, for example:

A puzzle is the Thomas Cole who was baptised on 23 Aug 1815 at St Pancras Old Church (the Islington Church where Daniel was married and where he baptised the three of his children). His father was another Thomas Cole and his mother a Mary. The Islington location may be no more than coincidence, but the father is of the right age to have been the brother of our earliest confirmed Cole ancestor Daniel Cole (c1772 - 1840). The 1841 census showed Thomas and Mary in Bethnal Green (a pottery area), him age 70 and her age 69, both born in Middlesex, and both silk weavers. (Possibly silk weaving was easier than throwing pots at his age.) The couple were missing from the 1851 census, so had probably died. Son Thomas did appear in the 1851 census as Thomas Cole, 36, traveller, born Somerstown (Islington). He was either unmarried or away from family, but he certainly wasn't a potter or brickmaker, so any link with our Coles is unconfirmed.

Yet another Thomas Cole was associated with Islington. A Thomas Cole married Elizabeth Goodman at Old Church, St Pancras 19 Jan 1826.

However, with such common names it is not possible to delve more deeply. He could not have been the Thomas grandson of Daniel who married an Elizabeth because he would have been only five years old at the time.

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