Thomas COLE (c1793-?) tile maker of Lewisham and Tottenham

Thomas Cole was a tile maker whose son's family worked alongside my Cole ancestors at the Tile Kilns. He was almost certainly the son of Daniel Cole. This page gives known genealogical data for Thomas and his immediate descendants in the hope that today's descendants may know more and get in touch. There is an additional section on his son Daniel Thomas Cole who went on to work at the Tottenham Tile Kilns and another on his namesake who may or may not have been related.

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Daniel Thomas Cole and his descendants

Daniel Thomas Cole was baptised on 4 March 1821 to Thomas Cole and Sarah Lear Maggison and he went on to work at the Tile Kilns. Consequently it was possible to learn more about him and his family. If dates of census records are to be relied on, he may have been up to a year old when he was baptised at St Mary's Lewisham. He was certainly born in Lewisham and probably between 29 Mar 1819 and 4 Mar 1821. He married Esther Sharp on 3 Jun 1838 at Parish Church of All Hallows, Tottenham; in presence of Sarah Sharp. (The Sharps were a pottery lineage with whom the Coles and the Colleys had had previous genealogy links and whose families were strongly evident in the census records for the Tile Kilns.) At the time of his marriage, Daniel Thomas was probably already working there, as he appeared there in the 1851 census, a tile maker age 31 with his wife and children. He stayed at the Tile Kilns for many years. His last census entry there was as a widow in 1881 as a widow. Esther had died two years before in the winter of 1879. He was probably the Daniel Cole who died in December quarter of 1890 aged 72 registered at Edmonton.

The children of Daniel Thomas and Esther were:

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Another Daniel Thomas Cole

There was another Daniel Thomas Cole, a few years younger than 'our' Daniel Thomas living in the general area of the Tile Kilns at about the same time and born in Islington, an area inhabited by 'our' Coles in the time of our earliest confirmed Cole ancestor, Daniel Cole (c1772 - 1840). His life is worth examining because of these coincidences and because he also linked with the Plume family who in turn linked with 'our' Coles. So perhaps the two Daniel Thomases were related through an individual before the time of Daniel. Unfortunately, though, there is no way of tracing this far back, and it may of course be that the Plume connection is no more than coincidence anyway. The available information on this Daniel Thomas Cole is as follows.

Daniel Thomas Cole was born 1827 in Islington to unknown parents. In the September quarter of 1860 he married Caroline Harrison Taylor in Islington. In 1861 he was at 43 commercial clerk St Nav Comp [sic], possibly 'Steam Navigation Company', living at Appleby Row Hackney with Caroline H, 29 from Stock, Essex and a servant. In 1871 Daniel was 44 a clerk in a public company living in Norfolk Road St John Hackney with Caroline H 41 from Stock and Hephzebath Cole 24 servant born Bethnal Green (another pottery area.). In 1881 Daniel was 54 a commercial clerk born at Islington living at corkwerde[?] Road St.John Hackney with Caroline 57 born at Stock and a charwoman servant. In 1891 he was at 91 Powerscroft Road living on own means with Caroline and two servants. In 1901 Daniel Thomas Cole 74 was again living on his own means at 91 Powerscroft with Susanna M Plume 60 housekeeper born at Stock Essex and a servant Alice C Childs born at Braintree. Daniel died 21 Sept 1905, leaving the administration of his will to Susanna Martha Plume spinster.

Clearly this Daniel Thomas was better off financially than 'our' Daniel Thomas, in that he had servants, could live on his own means and had enough of an estate to merit leaving a will.

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