Colley ancestry and James Sharp Colley (c1787 - 1863)

The ancestry of the COLLEY family, like that of the Coles, is embedded in pottery. Colleys lived and worked among the Cole family and married with them. James Sharp Colley (c1787 - 1863) was an ancestor of most of the family involved with the Tottenham, White Hart Lane Pottery, being the father of Mary Colley, who married John Cole. James Sharp Colley was also the father of Ann Colley (or Anne Colley) who married William Pettit of the Pettit Potteries at Higham Hill in Walthamstow. This page gives a tree of James Sharp Colley's known ancestry, followed by the names of his siblings and some genealogical data on his ancestry.

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The ancestry of James Sharp Colley

ancestry chart for James Sharp Colley

James Sharp Colley's known ancestry on his father's side goes back to Barnaby or Barnabas Colley who married a Mary. Their son, John Barnabas Colley, baptised 5 February 1766, was James Sharp Colley's father.

James Sharp Colley's known ancestry on his mother's side goes back to Whitley Martin, whose daughter, Patty Martin, was James's mother.

John Barnabas Colley and Patty married on 16 April 1786 at St Mary's Lambeth, one of the family pottery areas.

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The siblings of James Sharp Colley

James Sharp Colley's parents, John Barnabas Colley and Patty Martin, had the following known children:

  1. Thomas Sharp COLLEY (c1786 -  )
  2. James Sharp COLLEY (c1787 -  1863)
  3. William Martin COLLEY (c1788 -  )
  4. Mary COLLEY (c1791 -  )
  5. Elizabeth COLLEY (c1793 -  1874)
  6. George COLLEY (c1796 -  1872)
  7. John COLLEY (c1799 -  )
  8. Rebecca COLLEY (c1803 -  )

E.G. Cole II wrote that the Martin connection was kept for man years and James Reedman Cole exchanged visits with cousins of his, named Martin, who lived in Bristol. E G Cole II remembered being sent to show an elderly lady Martin visitor to the wooden cottage where John Cole was reputed to have been born.

One wonders at the Sharp middle name given to the first two sons. The Sharps were potters too and they feature in this website. Presumably there was a Colley Sharp marriage somewhere back in time.

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Known genealogical data for James Sharp Colley (c1787 - 1863)

Father: John Barnabas COLLEY (b. 1766,          )
Mother: Patty MARTIN (b. circa 1765,          )
Baptism 02 Mar 1787 Lambeth, Surrey
Marriage 02 Oct 1804 Ann CHANEY (         , d. 20 Nov 1848) daughter of Charles CHANEY, at Old Church, St Pancras
Note 02 Oct 1804 The St Pancras connection almost certainly means that James Sharp was working alongside Daniel Cole at Islington, St Pancras.
Son: 09 Sep 1805 Thomas COLLEY
Son: 21 Oct 1806 John COLLEY
Son: 01 Apr 1809 James Barnabas COLLEY; Kings Cross
Daughter: 22 Apr 1811 Ann COLLEY; Tottenham
Daughter: 26 Feb 1813 Mary COLLEY; Tottenham
Daughter: 15 Apr 1817 Elizabeth COLLEY
Daughter: 30 Mar 1818 Martha COLLEY
Son: 1819 Henry COLLEY
Daughter: 03 Mar 1824 Charlotte COLLEY
Note: 1831 witness at the wedding of daughter, Ann, to William Henry Pettit
Address before 1832 Paradise Row, St Pancras
Note: 1834 witness at the wedding of daughter, Mary to John Cole
Address 1837 Tottenham Tile Kilns
Census 1841 1841 Listed as a potter of Green Lanes, Tottenham (Tile Kilns), aged 55, and with his wife Ann.
Census 1861 potter at Tile Kilns
Death 1863 Tile Kilns
Burial 26 May 1863 Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington; Burial 041649, section D05, index 2S01
Will 1863 Being conscious of death I do make my last will and testament, being possessed of four hundred pounds stock and ninety pounds in the Stoke Newington Savings Bank. Property to be equally divided between my children James Barnabas Colley, Mrs Ann Pettitt, Mrs Mary Cole, Martha Colley, Mrs Elizabeth Hooten and Charlotte Colley. My watch to my son James Barnabas Colley. Executors: son James Barnabus Colley and brother George Colley. Dated 16 Sep 1862. Proved 10 June 1863. Witnessed by Daniel Dean and Frances Hazell of the Pottery Works, Green Lanes, (Stoke Newington, Foreman).
Descendants In the first quarter of the 1900s, some Colleys lived at the junction of Tottenham Road and Chequers Way, Palmers Green. 


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