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I am always pleased to hear from anyone who shares my interest in the history of the families on this website. I can be contacted on the following email address. Please retype it, as the electronic link has been removed following abuse with spam.


If you have any photos or memorabilia which relate to the people or locations on this site, do please let me know. I am particularly interested in marked jugs, plant bowls and terracotta ornaments from the Cole Pottery. Thanks to the generosity of visitors to the website, all members of the family now have a range of the basic Cole flower pots, and are not actively collecting any more. If, though, you are about to throw one away and if you live within reasonable travelling distance from Surrey or Buckingham, please let me know. Wherever you live, the family would be very interested indeed in any of the other Cole products.

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For my husband's family history, see the Family History of Neil Cryer and for my father's family history, see the Fishers of Wedmore. For my professional website, see Postgraduate Resources and for my website on supporting the deaf, see Deaftalk.

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