The Dean / Cox connection in England and Australia

Two of the daughters of Catherine Cole (1802-1865) married Cox brothers and emigrated with them to Australia. This first section of this page outlines what we know about the Cox-Dean connection while the families were in England, and the second section moves on to Australia. The research surprisingly unearths the fact that three siblings from one family married three siblings from another family. Is this a record?

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The Dean/ Cox connection in England

Sarah Louisa Dean (after 1831 or 1832 - 12 Aug 1879 ) and Charlotte Elizabeth Dean (1838 - 22 Nov 1935) were daughters of Catherine Cole, the daughter of Daniel Cole, the founder of the Cole family's pottery and brickmaking business. The sisters married two brothers, both on the same day, 3 September 1854 at the Parish Church in West Hackney (one of the nearest towns to the rural Tile Kilns). Sarah Dean married Henry Cox and Charlotte Dean married William Cox.

Some years later on 30 March 1856, there was to be yet another Cox-Dean marriage. Emma Cox, the sister of Henry and William, married Daniel James Dean, the son of Catherine Cole and the brother of Sarah and Charlotte. Consequently three siblings from one family married three siblings form another family.

According to the marriage certificates, the father of the Cox siblings was James Cox, a labourer (for William and Henry and a brickmaker for Emma). No addresses were documented and it took a while to locate him in the censuses because his name was transcribed in 1851 as Coe and in 1841 some of the children were listed as names not known. The censuses gave James' birth year as 1781 in Hackney (ie relatively close to the Tile Kilns). This was enough information for his father to be identified from the IGI which showed that James was the son of Joseph Cox (mother's name not given), baptised in Hackney on 6 May 1781.

James appears to have had a large family, many of whom, according to the custom of the day, left the family home while they were still quite young, thus preventing confident identification from the censuses. According to the available data, James' wife was a Susan or Susanna born 1799 in Vange, Essex, and they had the following children:

In 1841 the family was living in the railway company cottages in Widford, Essex and James was a brickmaker. In 1851 they were at 3 Norfolk Court Islington and James was a labourer. Brickmaking is very hard work because of the speed that brickmakers have to work in order to produce the quotas, and it is not surprising that James reverted to being a simple labourer in later life. The children listed were sons William 21 and Henry 19 both labourers born at Grays in Essex, daughter Emma 16 needleworker born in Islington and daughter Jane 7 born Islington.

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The Dean / Cox connection in Australia

Sarah and Charlotte and Henry and William emigrated together on the Coromandel, which left Southampton on or around 12 Sep 1854. They arrived in Port Adelaide on 8 Jan 1855, well before their cousins Mary Ann (Cole) and Edward John Reedman, who left Liverpool on 10 December 1856 on the Monsoon and arrived in Adelaide on the 5 March 1857.

According to The Biography of South Australia, Henry and William were born in Middlesex, England - William c1830 and Henry c1833, which fits the census records.

pottery dog made by Cox, Australia, 1874

One of a set of three pottery dogs made by William Cox, the son of Henry Cox and Sarah Louisa Dean. As the underside shows, it was made in 1874. Photos courtesy of Christine Scotland.

mark underneath pottery dog made by Cox, Australia, 1874

William Cox and Charlotte Elizabeth Dean had the following children. It is interesting to note that the name of Charlotte's mother (born Catherine Cole) is carried on in the name of the first child while the name of Charlotte's grandfather (Daniel Cole) has been lost.

• Catherine Susan Cox, born 19 Dec 1855 Norwood. Her name perpetuated the names of both her grandmothers, Catherine Cole and Susan Cox.

• Sarah Ann 4 Sep 1857 Norwood

• Rose Ellen or Ellis Webb Cox, born 1860. There may be a family connection with a Webb line.

• Louisa Annie Cox, born 12 Oct 1862 Norwood

• Eva Jane Cox, born 14 Sep 1865, Norwood

• Lily Maria Cox, born 12 Mar 1869, Norwood

• Harry Arthur Cox, born 27 Feb 1875, Norwood. Finally a male child! His given name of Harry could have been after William's brother. So it is possible that there was an Arthur Cox somewhere

• Elsie Dean Todhunter Cox, born 28 Mar 1882, Norwood. The Todhunter name comes from William Dean's daughter Catherine Sarah who married George Todhunter on 23 Oct 1842 at Hoxton, England.

Henry Cox and Sarah Louisa Dean had the following children, and perpetuated the names of William (after Sarah's father, William Dean), Catherine (after Sarah's mother, born Catherine Cole) and Charlotte (Sarah's sister) and James (after Henry's father). The absence of the name Sarah is surprising, but may have been to avoid confusion with Charlotte's daughter Sarah.

• William James Cox, born 21 Jul 1855, Norwood. His name perpetuated the names of his uncle and grandfather.

• Henrietta Maria Cox, born 12 Aug 1856 Norwood. Henrietta Cox was one of William's sisters.

• Henry Edward Cox, born 1 Apr 1858 Norwood, named after Henry himself.

• Clara Ann Cox, born 30 Mar 1860.

• Catherine Charlotte Cox, born 1 Nov 1862 Norwood, named after Sarah's sister and grandmother.

• Annie Louisa Cox, born 21 Apr 1864 Norwood.

• Eliza Jane Cox, born 25 Dec 1865 Tanunda, named after Henry's Cox sisters.

• Alfred Ernest Cox, born 31 Oct 1867 North Adelaide. His name and that of his younger siblings might be useful sources for future research.

• Emma Susannah Cox, born 28 Jun 1869 North Adelaide.

• Rose Ellen Cox, born 13 Mar 1872 Gilbertown.

• Henry George Cox, born 29 Jan 1878 Gilbertown.

•Jessica Philadelphia Cox, born 4 Oct 1878 Gilberton.

In Australia the Coxs and the Reedmans continued the family tradition and worked together for some time as brickmakers, although interestingly The Biography of South Australia lists William as a labourer/carter. It gives no occupation for Henry.

Sarah Louisa (Dean) Cox died 12 Aug 1879 in Gilbert Town, Australia, and Charlotte Elizabeth (Dean) Cox died on 22 Nov 1935.

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