The Dean family: potters and brickmakers of Islington and Tottenham

William Dean I married Catherine Cole back in 1821 and from that time, the Deans seem to have worked the potteries and brickworks alongside the Coles up until the last available record, the 1901 census. This page outlines what we know of Dean genealogy.

'William Dean' is a name that keeps cropping up in our Cole family history of potters and brickmakers. William Dean I married Catherine Cole, the daughter of our earliest confirmed Cole ancestor, Daniel Cole on 11 November 1821 at St Ann's Church, Soho.

St Anne Soho appears to have been a family church in that a William Dean was baptised there on 30 April 1792 to another William Dean and his wife Elizabeth. These William Deans could well have been the grandfather and father of the William who married Catherine Cole.

William Dean I was born between 1802 and 1803 in Islington, so his family probably worked or lived alongside our Cole ancestors there. He married Catherine Cole on 11 Nov 1821 at Saint Anne Church, Soho. By 1841 he was at the Tottenham Tile Kilns where he seems to have stayed for some years. He was buried on 4 Sep 1867 at Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington, so presumably died a few days earlier, having survived Catherine by two years. The couple had the following children, all of whom except William II were born while the family was at the Tile Kilns:

William Dean II (William J Dean) was born circa 1825 at Islington. He married an Eliza, probably Elizabeth Shephard on 1 Jul 1849 at Old Church, Saint Pancras, London. Not being my direct line, though, I have not bought the certificate to check the details. William II, like his father William I, worked at the Tottenham Tile Kilns, first as a labourer and then as a tile maker. He was buried on 21 June 1884 at Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington. He and Eliza had the following children:

William Dean III (William Thomas Dean) was born between c1851 at Tottenham while his parents were at the Tile Kilns, where he became a labourer. He married Mary Ann Freshwater in the Dec quarter of 1877 in the Edmonton district, and in 1881 was 29 a general labourer and living in a cottage next to his fatherís cottage in Green Lane Tottenham with Mary age 23 and son George 1. By 1901 he was at the Cole's White Hart Lane Pottery where he was a labourer, age 49. No family was with him.

If anyone can add to our understanding of the Dean family's history or genealogy, please get in touch, particularly if you have any old photographs.

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