Individuals in the ELLIS family of Tottenham and perhaps elsewhere

This page summarises genealogy information for individuals in the wider family of John George Ellis of Tottenham and his wife, born Elizabeth Blunden. After short illustrated biographies are some family group photographs.

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The children of John George Ellis and Elizabeth Blunden of Tottenham

The framework for the following information comes from notes left within the family, jotted down by Ena (1906 - 1984), wife of Reginald James Cole. It has since been updated from census returns, GRO records and information from descendants.

Those births that I have checked are registered in Edmonton, the then administrative area for Tottenham.


Elizabeth Caroline Ellis, married name Cole

Elizabeth Caroline Ellis (17 Aug 1861 - 20 Jan 1936) was the first child of John George Ellis and his wife, born Elizabeth Blunden. Elizabeth Caroline was my great grandmother and she has her own dedicated material.


Mary Anne Ellis, married name Mary Anne Hunnings

Mary Anne Ellis was born between in 1862 or 1863. This information comes from the 1871 census, in which, as aged 8, she was with her parents and their family at 4 Princes Street, Tottenham. It has not been possible to firm up on a birth reference for her because of the large number of babies with the same name.

In the March quarter of 1887 Mary Anne married Frederick William Hunnings, the son of William John Hunnings and his wife Henrietta (born Henrietta Goodman, married in the June quarter of 1858). William John worked in his father's printing business in the Tottenham High Road taking ownership upon his father's retirement.

William John's brother, Alfred Hunnings, according to one source a licensed victualler, and according to another source a Collector of Inland Revenues when age 25 married a Jane Sarah Goodman who was probably Henrietta's sister. There was also another brother - Henry Hunnings, who was a curate who died age 43. His widow remarried.

Frederick William Hunnings also had a younger sister, Emily F Hunnings who died unmarried aged 85.

Frederick William and Mary Anne's children were:

This information on the Hunnings family is courtesy of Irina McKavanagh and Alan Swain (York).

Mary Ann died in 1948 and her age was given as 85.


Charles Ellis

Charles John Ellis (Charley) was born on 21 December 1866 at 5 Princes Street, Tottenham. He appeared in the 1871 census as aged 4, a scholar, with the family at the same address, then again in the 1881 census aged 15, still with them and still at the same address, but as as a printer.

On August 14th 1888 Charley married Caroline Maria Ziegler at All Hallows Church, Tottenham. The 1901 Census shows the couple living at 37 Millbrook Rd, Edmonton; with him a Bus Conductor. In 1902 he joined the Metropolitan horse Tramways as they started to be electrified, becoming part of the new MET Company. This was later taken over by London Transport. He remained on the trams all his working life, retiring in 1932 as Chief depot clerk and Inspector at Tramway Avenue Depot. In his spare time, he was a keen allotment holder, winning many prizes at the Moat Farm Allotment Society Shows.

The children of the marriage were:

Charley and Caroline Ellis went on to celebrate both their Golden and Diamond Weddings. He died on Nov 1st 1952, aged 85. Caroline died on Dec 7th 1952 just a few days after him and a few days short of her 86th birthday.

(For most of the above information on Charles, we are indebted to Laurence Ellis Cole and his wife Mary. In spite of their Cole surname, our ancestry seems to be common only along the Ellis line.)

Emily Frances Ellis was born in 1868 or 1869 at Tottenham. She appeared in the 1871 census as aged 2 with the family at 4 Princes Street. She married King Custerson in 1897 at Hackney. She died on 2 Dec 1951 at Frome, at the age of 83, having had children:


Annie Ellis married name probably Annie Woods

Annie Ellis was born in 1870 at Tottenham. She appeared in the 1871 census as age 4 months at 4 Princes Street. She married William Woods (Bill). (Interestingly their son Horace Woods married back into the Cole/Ellis family when he married Emily Cole, the daughter of Elizabeth Caroline Ellis/Cole.


Walter Thomas Ellis

Walter Thomas Ellis was born in the last quarter of 1872 in Tottenham. He appeared in the 1881 census with parents age 8 at Princes Street. He married Eliza Butterworth (Lizzie) in the second quarter of 1896. In the 1910s he lived at 46 Lopen Road, Edmonton and used to play billiards with his nephew, Herbert James Claud Cole, son of sister Elizabeth Caroline, who lived in the same road. Walter died on 9 Feb 1947 and was buried at Edmonton Cemetery, Church Street. He had a son Ronald Walter Ellis (Ron) who was rather artistic and used to make his own Christmas cards. At some stage Ron was in the army.


Florence Ellis (Florrie) was born in 1872 or 1873. She appeared in the 1881 census as a factory hand aged 16 with parents and family at 4 Princes St. She married John Henry Hutton (Harry).


[Frances Ellis appears in the 1881 census, age 6, so would have been born circa 1875 (at Tottenham). Nothing else is known of her and she was not in my aunt's notes. She may have died young or there may have been an error in the census entry. An Ellis, Frances Eugene does appear in the GRO birth records for March 1876, but nothing else is known of 'our' Frances, if indeed this is her. I have not (yet) found a death record.]


Alice Amy Ellis was born in the first quarter of 1877 at Tottenham. She appeared in the 1891 census aged 14 at 4 Princes Street, Tottenham, with family, as a scholar. She married Leonard Henry A Hitchcock (Harry).


Ellen Ellis, married name Ellen Gosling (Nellie)

Ellen Jemima Ellis (Nell or Nellie) was born in the last quarter of 1879. She appeared in the 1891 census aged 11, a scholar, with family at 4 Princes Street, and in the 1901 census aged 21, single, employed as a book folder, with parents and one sister at 3 Trafalgar Cottages, Queen Street. She married Joseph Gosling in the last quarter of 1904. A Jemima Ellis appeared in the 1881 and 1891 census but nothing else is known of her. So she was probably the same person as Ellen Jemima above. (No Jemima appeared in my aunt's notes.)]


Rosa Bell Maud Ellis married name Rosa Luetchford (Rose)

Rosa Bel Maud Ellis, the couple's youngest child, was born on 23 Aug 1881. She appeared as "Rosy" in the 1891 census as a scholar aged 9 with family at 4 Princes Street, Tottenham, and in the 1901 census aged 19 at 1 Trafalgar Cottages, Queen Street, Tottenham with parents and sister Ellen, employed as a book folder. She married Alfred Luetchford (Fred) in Sep 1906. Rosa died in 1971, having had three children:



N.B. In the 1901 census for the family of John George Ellis and Elizabeth, there are two tantalising entries for two grandsons:

So far it has not been possible to see where they fit in as children of their own children. Perhaps 'grandson'was a courtesy title for a looser family relationship or perhaps there is a lot more to learn about the Ellises.

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Group photographs of the Ellis family

Family group of the Ellis family of Tottenham c1890s

Top row, left to right: Ellen Ellis (known as Nell), Charles Ellis, unknown, unknown, Walter Ellis (a printer in Edmonton), unknown.

Middle row: unknown, Elizabeth Ellis (born Elizabeth Blunden), John George Ellis (a local baker and journeyman), Anne Ellis (who was said to look like Pat's mother {ie Florence Edith Cole, later Florence Edith Clarke}) and Elizabeth Caroline Cole (born Elizabeth Caroline Ellis).

Front row: Rosa Bel Maud Ellis


Family group of the Ellis family of Tottenham c1890s

Judging by the plants, this photo looks as if it was taken on or very close to the same occasion, yet the people in both photos are wearing different clothes. The only identified individuals are Ellen Ellis (second from the left at the back; Edith Cole (third from the left at the back); Rosa Ellis next to her and Charles Ellis (second from the right at the back).


Family group of the Ellis family of Tottenham c1890s

Back, left to right: Unknown, unknown, Charles Ellis, Elizabeth Cole, unknown. Front, left to right: Rosa Ellis, unknown, unknown, Ellen Ellis.


Wedding of Sophia Jane Blunden to William John Reading, 1891

The wedding photo of Samuel and Mary Ann's daughter, Sophia, to John William Reading in 1891, courtesy of descendant Jack Wills. (Not directly from the Ellis family, but would have been in close contact with them as Sophia was brought up in the same geographical area, and the Ellis and Blunden families were related.

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