The life and ancestry of John George Ellis (1836-1910)

John George Ellis (1836-1910)

This page is an illustrated summary of the Ellis ancestry and life of John George, Ellis (1836-1910) of Tottenham, whose daughter married into the family of Cole potters at White Hart Lane, Tottenham. The page also documents his Major ancestry through his grandmother.

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Ellis ancestry through John George Ellis to Pat Cryer

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The life of John George Ellis

John George Ellis was born at Hatfield in Hertfordshire to Edward Ellis and his wife Elizabeth. With Edward's father, James Ellis, the ancestral trail currently goes cold. However, Pheobe Major's line goes back a generation further to parents Thomas and Martha.

John George Ellis was baptized at Hatfield in Hertfordshire on 12 Mar 1836. He married Elizabeth Blunden on 2nd Jun 1861 at the Parish Church, West Hackney. The address on their marriage certificate was Wellington Street, and John was a baker at the time. When their first child, Elizabeth Caroline, was born less than three months later on 17 August 1861, the couple were at Fore Street, Edmonton. By the time of the 1871 census, John George's family had increased and was living at 4 Princes Street in Tottenham. The 1881 census showed the family still at the same address, as neighbours to their daughter Elizabeth Caroline and her husband James Reedman Cole. Censuses show that the couple had various addresses in the Tottenham area: 4 Princes Street (1881); 5 Princes Street (1891); 1 Trafalgar Cottages, Queen Street (1901). Illustrated biographies of their family are on a separate page.

Trafalgar Cottages

Trafalgar Cottages, where the Ellis family was living at the time of the 1901 census - photographed in 2002.

Throughout John George's life his occupation was given as a baker - sometimes as a journeyman baker, ie a travelling salesman cum delivery man.

John George died on 28 March 1910 at 64 Bury Street, Edmonton, age 74, of suppurative cystitis. The informant was his son Walter.

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