Tracing the Cole line back

Tracing the Cole line back before our earliest confirmed Cole ancestor, Daniel Cole (c1772-1840), is proving a problem. This page comments on the sources tried and possibilities for the future. It is under the headings of difficulties and speculations.

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Difficulties with tracing Daniel's Cole line back

Why the online databases are unhelpful for the birth and baptism of Daniel Cole:

Why parish records are unhelpful:

Why it hasn't been possible to trace back brothers or cousins:

Why archives on potteries and brickworks have proved unhelpful:

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It was common practice in the past to honour the previous generation by passing on their names to the new generation.

Daniel's known sons, in birth order, were given the names of Thomas, John and Daniel. Clearly the 'Daniel' is after Daniel himself, but the 'Thomas' and 'John' suggest that Daniel's father was a Thomas and a brother or grandfather was John. (The likelihood of these names are reinforced by the names that John gave his own first and second sons - 'Daniel James' and 'John Thomas' - where the odd one out, James, was clearly after John's wife's father, James Sharp Colley.)

Daniel's firstborn were twin daughters who were named Catherine and Sarah, probably after his and his wife's mothers.

There is a good chance therefore that Daniel's parents were either Thomas or John Cole and a Catherine or Sarah. Furthermore Daniel's father, or possibly an uncle, was probably a potter because Daniel's naval records document that he was 'bred to pottery'.

In view of the fact that potters moved around the country following the building industry, Daniel's parents could have been born or baptised almost anywhere. There is no shortage of candidates for the location as there are pockets of clay all over the UK and, being such a functional material, potteries and brickyards were common-place.

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