Sources and acknowledgements

Research into the potteries and brickworks worked by the Cole family has built on the generosity, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of others. Very considerable acknowledgements are due to the following individuals and organisations, listed in the order that their work and/or documents came to my notice.

Edward George Cole (2nd) for putting together a family history in the 1980s.

Katherine Greenwood for developing a family tree for a school project in the late 1990s.

Ken Barker for his generosity in sharing his comprehensive research in connection with the South Potteries which were adjacent to the family Potteries In White Hart Lane, see:

Bruce Castle Museum in Tottenham, inputs from which have been on-going and of immeasurable value.

Ted Bailey for organising a Reedman reunion in Australia in 1999, and for amassing information from the various branches of the Reedman family.

Jack Barker for sharing his research into the family of his wife Maureen Barker (born Maureen Cole).

Bruce Bennett for sharing his extensive research into Reedman connections and ancestry.

John Cole Reedman (2nd) for sharing his extensive research into Cole-Reedman connections and ancestry.

David Ferdinando for giving me access to the 'members only' pages of the website dedicated to the Ferdinand(o) family, with which there was a Cole marriage:

Ken Ferdinand and his parents Ron and May Ferdinand for sharing information and photographs in connection with Ivy Cole and her descendants.

David Marden and Frank Marden for their colourful recollections of the Tottenham Potteries in the 1950s just before closure.

The Family Records Centre London for civil records and census information.

The National Archives (formerly the Public Records Office) at Kew for contemporary records on Nelson's fleet from the 1790s and 1800s.

David Cufley for customised information from his index of brickmakers.

Christine Scotland for access to her research data on the genealogy of two of Catherine Cole's daughters following their emigration to Australia in the 1850s.

William Utermohlen for access to his research data on the genealogy of the ancestral line of the wife of James Reedman Cole, Elizabeth Caroline Ellis (born Elizabeth Caroline Blunden).

Peter Maggs for information on the owners of the potteries in Green Lanes (the Tottenham Tile Kilns/Williamsons).

Mike Swift for information on the Bartlett/Zinzan connection; the Visitations; and the Cox family of South Australia.

W. H. Rust (Bill Rust) for a wonderful hoard of newspaper cuttings.

Neil Mackley for information on John Thomas Cole and his descendants.

Peter Luetchford for photographs of our Cole and Ellis ancestors and their families, collected by his grandmother Rosa Luetchford, born Rosa Ellis.

Leslie Rodway for photographs of workers at the Tottenham site.

Maureen Barnsley for photographs of John Thomas Cole and his descendants plus genealogy data.

Laurence Cole for information and photographs of the Ellis family.

Adrian Pettit for photographs of the Pettit family and their Walthamstow Pottery.

Also, for various anecdotes, photographs, memorabilia and other details, in alphabetical order by surname: Maureen Barker (born Maureen Cole), Camden Archives, Florence Edith Clarke (born Florence Edith Cole), John Edward Cole, Richard George Cole, Gloria Hart, Brian Reedman, Leslie Rodway, Dave Ryder, John Cole Smith, Phil Wells and Lynn Wharton, Valerie Wooding. Bridisco, which occupied the Tottenham Potteries site, generously provided an aerial photograph. The photograph relating to the extension of the Piccadilly Line Underground is courtesy of the London Transport Museum.

The written recollections of Florence Edith Clarke (born Florence Edith Cole) are currently being edited, typed up and added to this site which is benefiting greatly as a result.

I have also used various websites such as that of the IGI, freeBMD and Ancestry.


I hope it may be productive to mention potential sources. The following individuals were known to have worked in or around the pottery in Tottenham at some stage, and it is my hope that they or their descendants may hit on their names have some information or photographs to share: the brothers Callow; Nick Carter (or Nicolas Carter); A. Moles, a senior member of staff; Bill Pearson (or William Pearson). I am pleased to say that the descendants of L. G. Houslop (George Houslop) have now got in touch. On 2nd November 1951 George completed 62 years of continuous service with the firm.

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