Tile Kilns: 1861 census for the workers' cottages

workers' cottages

Some of the workers' cottages at the Tile Kilns

This page shows an extract from the 1861 census for the workers' cottages at the Tile Kilns in Green Lanes, administratively under Tottenham. The coloured blocks show the separate households in the cottages. Also shown are some of the adjacent households in Green Lanes where pottery workers lived. All have the same address, ie there are no names or numbers to the cottages. Note how family lines can be traced, in that many of the surnames of the previous census are still evident - in particular as far as our family history is concerned: Cole, Colley, Pettit, Sharp and Dean.

For a burial record for anyone on this page, it is worth trying Abney Park Cemetery in the nearby Stoke Newington.

Disclaimer: Whereas I have taken all reasonable precautions while transcribing, inaccuracies do occur, and I can take no responsibility for them.

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Key to the census column headings

A    Name
B    Relationship to head of family
C    Condition
D    Age of males
E    Age of females
F    Rank, profession or occupation
G    Where born
H    Whether blind or deaf and dumb

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The census result

Ref: Public Record Office R. G. 9/795 page 42-45, Township of Tottenham, England

Ward of Wood Green, Ecclesiastical District of Holy Trinity

George Sharp Head Mar 45   Tile Maker Middlesex Tottenham  
Mary Sharp Wife Mar   45   Middlesex Enfield  
George Sharp Son   15   Scholar Middlesex Tottenham  
William Sharp Son   13   Scholar -  
James Thomas Visitor   9     Kings --?  
James Sharp Visitor   2     --  
Francis Hazell Head Mar 42   Foreman of Tile Yard Middlesex Tottenham  
Mary A Hazell Wife Mar   35   Middlesex Clerkenwell  
Francis Hazell Son   12   Scholar Middlesex Tottenham  
Eliza Hazell Dau   6   Scholar Middlesex Tottenham  
? Hazell Dau   2     Middlesex Tottenham  
George H Hazell Son   8 m     Middlesex Tottenham  
Daniel Cole Head Mar 41   Tile labourer Middlesex London  
Esther Cole Wife Mar   41   Middlesex Barnet  
Daniel Cole Son   18   Lab ? Middlesex Tottenham  
David ? Cole Son   10   Scholar Ditto ditto  
Eliza Cole       8   Ditto ditto  
James Cole Son   1     Ditto ditto  
William J Dean Head Mar 36   Tile Maker Middlesex Clerkenwell  
Eliza Dean Wife Mar   36   Essex Boreham  
William T Dean Son   9     Middlesex Tottenham  
Eliza Dean Dau     7   Middlesex Tottenham  
Daniel J Dean Son   5     Ditto ditto  
Denny ? Dean Son     3   Ditto ditto  
Catherine Dean Dau     1   Ditto ditto  
James C Colley Head Mar 30   Potter Ditto ditto  
Mary Colley Wife Mar   33   Surrey Godalming  
Mary Ann Colley Dau     4 Scholar Middlesex Tottenham  
Lavina A Colley Dau     7m   Middlesex Tottenham  
Mary A Sharp Head Wid   26   Herts, --stead  
James Sharp Son ?     Tile maker Middlesex Tottenham  
Jane Sharp Dau     22   Middlesex Tottenham  
Jane Sharp Grand dau     11m   Middlesex Tottenham  
Sarah Billing Vis     9 Scholar Middlesex Tottenham  
Samuel Billing Head Mar 38   Carman Northamptonshire  
Mary Billing Wife Mar   39   Middlesex Tottenham  
Sarah A Billing Dau     10 Scholar Ditto ditto  
Charles Billing Son   8   Scholar Ditto ditto  
Samuel Billing Son   6   Scholar Ditto ditto  
Daniel J Dean Head Mar 25   Carman Ditto ditto  
Emma Dean Wife Mar   26 --? Middx Islington  
James Colley Head Mar 62   Potter Ditto Kings Cross  
Ann Colley Wife Mar   56   Kent Charlton  
George Colley Son Un 20     Middlesex Tottenham  
Albert Colley Son     8 Scholar Ditto ditto  
Emma Colley Gran dau     2   Surrey Farncomb  
John Cole Head Mar 53   Burner at the pottery Middlesex Clerkenwell  
Mary Cole Wife Mar   48   Middlesex Tottenham  
John T Cole Son   16   Works at the pottery Ditto ditto  
Catherine Cole Dau     11 Scholar Ditto ditto  
Edward Cole Son   8   Scholar Ditto ditto  
James R Cole Son     3   Ditto ditto  
William H Pettit Head Mar 28   Potter Kent Deptford  
Esther Pettit Wife Mar   37   Herts --?  
Jane Tottingham Vis Un   23 Bonnet weaver Ditto Ditto  
George Colley Head Mar 65   Potter Middlesex Clerkenwell  
Elizabeth Colley Sister Un   67 House --? Surrey Lambeth  
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