Tile Kilns: 1880 rating record for the workers' cottages

workers' cottages

Some of the workers' cottages at the Tile Kilns

his page shows an extract from the 1880 Poor Law rating record for the Green Lanes Potteries (previously known as the Tile Kilns), administratively under Tottenham. The record gives the heads of the households in each of the workers' cottages.

For a burial record for anyone on this page, it is worth trying Abney Park Cemetery in the nearby Stoke Newington.

Disclaimer: Whereas I have taken all reasonable precautions while transcribing, inaccuracies do occur, and I can take no responsibility for them.

Fordham, F Cox, W
Hazell, F. J. Dean, W.
Cole, W. D. Bern, J.
Petts, J. Sharp, W.
Belling, F. Sharp, George
Hazell, F. S. Cole, D. S.
Sharp, J. Nelson V. Elder (?)
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