Tile Kilns: 1881 census for the workers' cottages

workers' cottages

Some of the workers' cottages at the Tile Kilns

This page shows an extract from the 1881 census for the cottages at what was previously known as the Tile Kilns and now known as 'The Cottages at Potteries, Green Lanes, Tottenham'. The coloured blocks show the separate households in the workers' cottages. All have the same address, ie there are no names or numbers to the cottages. Note how family lines can be traced, in that many of the surnames of earlier censuses are still evident, in particular, as far as our family history is concerned: Cole, Sharp and Dean. However Colley has moved on.

For a burial record for anyone on this page, it is worth trying Abney Park Cemetery in the nearby Stoke Newington.

Disclaimer: Whereas I have taken all reasonable precautions while transcribing, inaccuracies do occur, and I can take no responsibility for them.

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Key to the census column headings

A    Name
B    Relationship to head of family
C    Marital status
D    Age of males
E    Age of females
F    Occupation
G    Birthplace

Note that whether anyone is deaf-and-dumb, blind, imbecile or idiot or lunatic is no longer required.

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The census result

Ref: FHL Film 1341337 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 1385, Folio 46 Page 15-16

Folio 47 Page 17-18, Folio 48 Page 19, Tottenham, Middlesex, England

William COX Head Mar 78   Potter of Garden Flower Pots Unemployed Whitechurch, Somerset, England
Lydia COX Wife Mar   71   Frome, Somerset, England
Margaret E. HARTSHORNE Granddaur     14 Housemaid Domestic Serv Cubit Town, Middlesex, England
John G. CAINES Boarder U 22   Potter Of Garden Flower Pots Bristol, Somerset, England
George WILLIAMS Boarder U 23   Signalman Midland Rlwy Wimbourne, Stafford, England
George FAULKNER Head Mar 52   General Labourer Ilford, Essex, England
Ann FAULKNER Wife Mar   42   Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England
George FAULKNER Son U 18   General Labourer Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England
William FAULKNER Son   15   Scholar Highgate, Middlesex, England
Eliza FAULKNER Daur     13 Scholar Highgate, Middlesex, England
Mary A. FAULKNER Daur     8   Highgate, Middlesex, England
Bessie FAULKNER Daur     4   Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Louisa FAULKNER Daur     1   Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Robt. HAYNES Head Mar 33   Foreman Potteries Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Betsey HAYNES Wife Mar   29   Boston, Lincoln, England
John CLAY Head Mar 36   Brickmaker Vauxhall, Middlesex, England
Ester CLAY Head Mar   28   St Pancras, Middlesex, England
Sarah A. CLAY Daur U   12   Holloway, Middlesex, England
James CLAY Son U 7     Holloway, Middlesex, England
William CLAY Son U 7     Holloway, Middlesex, England
John CLAY Son U       Holloway, Middlesex, England
George PHILLIPS Head Mar   40 Brickmaker Gt Waltham, Essex, England
Eleanor PHILLIPS Daur   10   Scholar Holloway, Middlesex, England
Archer PHILLIPS Son     8 Scholar Finchley, Middlesex, England
Walter PHILLIPS Son     6 Scholar Holloway, Middlesex, England
Mary CLAY Boarder   68   Housekeeper Leigh, Essex, England
Joseph GLADDON Head Mar 30   Housekeeper At Potteries Ramsden Heath, Essex, England
Sarah A. GLADDON Wife Mar   31   Islington, Middlesex, England
Joseph C. GLADDON Son     3   Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Frederick J. GLADDON Son     1   Tottenham, Middlesex, England
George CLARK Head Mar   36 Brickmaker Ivor, Buckingham, England
Katherine CLARK Wife Mar   34   Mildenhall, Suffolk, England
George A. CLARK     14     Sheppards Bush, Middlesex, England
Emily ROBSON       20 General servant Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Alfred OAKLEY Nephew   8     Paddington, Middlesex, England
George WILLIAMSON Head Mar   38 Carpenter & Joiner Boston, Lincoln, England
Ann WILLIAMSON Wife Mar   40   Hoxton, Middlesex, England
George WILLIAMSON Son U 17   Waiter In Dining Rooms Kingsland, Middlesex, England
Robert WILLIAMSON Son   12   Scholar Bromley By Bow, Middlesex, England
Emma WILLIAMSON Daur     11 Scholar Bow, Middlesex, England
Edward WILLIAMSON Son   5   Scholar Bow, Middlesex, England
Alice WILLIAMSON Daur     1   Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Annie BEDFORD Stepdaur     16   Hoxton, Middlesex, England
William BEDFORD Stepson   14   Office Boy Hoxton, Middlesex, England
James SHARP Head Mar   46 Tile Maker At Potteries Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Jane SHARP Wife Mar   42   Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Emily SHARP Daur     16   Tottenham, Middlesex, England
William SHARP Son   9   Scholar Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Lillian SHARP Daur     6   Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Albert SHARP Son   2     Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Mary SHARP Mother W   89   Stanstead, Hertford, England
Mary SHARP Daur     15 General Serv Domestic Tottenham, Middlesex, England
William MC CRACKEN Head Mar   29 Kiln Burner At Potteries Woolwich, Kent, England
Kate MC CRACKEN Wife Mar   32   Huntingdon, Huntingdon, England
William MC CRACKEN Son   3     Holloway, Middlesex, England
Mary MC CRACKEN Daur     1   Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Kate MC CRACKEN Daur     1   Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Martha BENNETT Sister In Law     23 General Servant Out Of Employment Huntingdon, England
John LOFTHOUSE Head Mar 44   General Labourer At Potteries Ellington, Huntingdon, England
Sophia LOFTHOUSE Wife Mar   30   Islington, Middlesex, England
Mary A. LOFTHOUSE Daur     10 Scholar Islington, Middlesex, England
Louisa LOFTHOUSE Daur     8 Scholar Islington, Middlesex, England
Alice E. LOFTHOUSE Daur     2   Islington, Middlesex, England
William J. DEAN Head Mar 56   Labourer At Potteries Islington, Middlesex, England
Eliza DEAN       56   Borham, Essex, England
Joseph DEAN     14   Potters Boy Tottenham, Middlesex, England
William DEAN Head Mar 29   General Labourer Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Mary A. DEAN Wife Mar   23   Epping, Essex, England
George DEAN Son   1     Colney Hatch, Middlesex, England
Samuel BILLING Head Mar 58   General Labourer Leicester, Leicester, England
Mary BILLING Wife Mar   58   Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Mable A. MILLS Grandaur     3   Islington, Middlesex, England
Charles COLEBOURN Boarder U     Potter Garden Flower Pots Farnham, Hampshire, England
Daniel COLE Head W 62   Labourer At Potteries Lewisham, Kent, England
David COLE Son U 31   Carman At Potteries Tottenham, Middlesex, England
James COLE Son U 21   Carman At Potteries Tottenham, Middlesex, England
William COLE Son U 19   Carman At Potteries Tottenham, Middlesex, England
James CLARK Head Mar 66   Brickmakers Carman Tharney, Buckingham, England
Mary A. CLARK Wife Mar   64   Winchester, Hampshire, England
Alfred CLARK Son U 19   Labourer In Potteries West Drayton, Middlesex, England
George HANFORD Head Mar 52   General Labourer Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
Ellen HANFORD Wife Mar   56   Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
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