Ancestry of the TILL family in Suffolk

The Till family married into the wider family of my Cole potters and brickmakers. This page explores their Till ancestry in Suffolk and gives genealogy data.

Descendants of William Tll c1795
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Christopher Till II (1789-?)

There are three Christopher Tills in the ancestry of the Till line which married into the Cole family of potters and brickmakers. The youngest, known here as Christopher Till III has his own page because more is known about him from family as well as public records.

The Christopher Till, known here at Christopher Till II was baptised in Laxfield in Suffolk, an adjacent parish to Badingham, on 19 July 1789, the second son of yet another Christopher Till, known here as Christopher III, and his wife, born Elizabeth Warner.

Christopher II married Mary Utting who was baptised on 2 July 1784 in Heveningham, which is adjacent to Laxfield. Her parents were William Utting and Hannah. The Utting line cannot be taken back further with any confidence because there are two William Uttings marrying Anns, both in Norfolk. Utting seems to be an East Anglian name.

Mary gave Christopher the following children, baptised at Badingham.

There is an entry in the 1851 census for a Christopher Till in Laxfield which must be this Christopher. By then he was a widow, lodger, age 63, a butcher born inBadingham.

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Christopher Till I (1758-1830)

Christopher Till I was born in 1758. This date comes by working backwards from his burial date of 12 August 1830 - a date for which I am grateful to Dale Hampshire. Christopher married Elizabeth Warner in Cratfield, Suffolk, which is close to Badingham and Laxfield, on 20 September 1779 at the age of 21. She had been baptised at Laxfield to Edmund and Mary Worner [sic] 8 May 1759. Mary gave Christopher the following children, whose baptismal records are not currently online.

Dorcas Till born 1789 in Laxfield, Suffolk

Dorcas Till - photo courtesy of Dale Hampshire. No obvious Till family resemblance seems to have come down to my own wider family.

Martha Till, the illegitimate daughter of Mary Till was baptised at Laxfield on Jan 13 1805.

Earlier Till ancestors back to the 1640s

Probably the father of Christopher I was a William Till who would have been born about 1720. This conclusion comes from the practice of carrying names on in families as the first sons of Christopher I and II were named William.

Since names are carried on in families, the unusual name of Dorcas is significant because the IGI gives a Dorcas Tylle baptised at Naylands, Suffolk on 12 Nov 1643 to John Tylle. It is inconceivable that she was not in our Till ancestral line. She died on her birthday precisely two years later. An IGI search on her father shows:

That John seems to have a brother or cousin Richard because the IGI also shows:

So there were Tills in Suffolk in the 1640s, but this is difficult to explore further. Only a limited number of records for Suffolk parishes are readily accessible: they have not currently been transcribed or indexed, let alone put on line and the task of attempting to take the Till line back through almost illegible microfiches in Suffolk Record Office is an unrealistic task. So what follows relies on the entirely haphazard availability of online records.

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Related lines: the Warners and Kings

I am grateful to Larry Rush for pointing out that unconfirmed IGI records can be used to trace the ancestors of Christopher Till I's wife, Elizabeth Warner back to the Suffolk families of King and Bowdiedge in the sixteenth century. His research is quoted immediately below and then shown in chart form:

  1. Edmund Warner christened 31/7/1726 St Matthew Ipswich parents Edmd. Warner and Susan (There are only 2 Edmund Warners recorded as born in 40 year span 1706-1746 and the other one was born by the Tower of London)
  2. Edmund Warner married Susan Cook 25/11/1711 in either Ipswich or Martlesham, depending on which IGI record you trust
  3. Edm. Warner born 19/6/1687 St Matthew Ipswich parents Thos Warner and Dor. (sisters Angelina born 19/9/1684 St Matthew and Cath. 30/1/1685 St Matthew)
  4. Thomas Warner marriage record to Dorothy King 4/10/1683 Akenham Suffolk
  5. Thomas Warner christened 15/3/1663 St Matthew Ipswich parents Edm Warner and Susan
  6. Dorothy King born 11/7/1664 Suffolk, died 22/3/1750 parents Samuel King and Frances Ludlam
  7. Samuel King married Frances Ludlam 10/10/1660 Suffolk.
  8. Samuel died 29/11/1721Samuel King born 1633 Suffolk parents William King and Dorothy Hayne(s)
  9. Frances Ludlam born 11/9/1638 Suffolk, died 14/1/1692 father shown as William Ludlam
  10. William King born 1595 Suffolk parents William King and Ann Bowdiedge
  11. William King born 1570 Weymouth Dorset married Ann Bowdiedge either 1592, 1593 or 1594 depending on which IGI record you trust. Some records show marriage in Weymouth, some Essex and some Suffolk but majority opt for Weymouth. William died in either Dorset or Suffolk in 1625
  12. Ann Bowdiedge born 1573 or 1575 in Weymouth, died 1625 in Hawkchurch Dorset
tree of descendants of William King (1570-1625
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