1950s: Cole's Pottery, White Hart Lane, Tottenham - social life

contributed by Frank Marden, an employee at Cole's Pottery

The annual outing from the pottery

At the Cole Pottery, there was an annual works outing by coach, usually to Southend. The firm didnít take part or contribute, nor did they give us time any time off, so the trip was organised on a Saturday afternoon after work. The cost worked out about four shillings a head, and that included beer, sandwiches, and the cost of the coach. The beer crates were piled three high down the middle of the coach. In those days, Southend was a popular destination for works outings as well as from the local pub (the White Hart). I went on several over the years, but I think we only reached the coast on two occasions. Most times the beer ran out and we ended up at the 'Tar Pot' pub on the way. [According to a report from another employee, Sid Cole gave half a crown to everyone who went on the outing.]

workers' outing from Cole Pottery, 1950s

Left to right:

Back row: 1? , 2 Leslie Rodway, 3?, 4?, Dick Smith, 6 Frank Marden, 7 Dennis Fossey, 8 (with top hat) Bob Callow

Middle row: 1 Charlie Damon, 3?, 4?, 5?, 6?, 7?, 8 (at far end) Wren?

Front row: 1 Bill Eames?, 2?, 3 Peter Marden, 4 Ted Callow, 5?, 6 David Tubbs, 7 Bill Eames?

Photo courtesy of Leslie Rodway whose brother worked at the pottery and went on the Cole's outings along with various employees from the adjacent South's Pottery. Leslie reports that there was a lot of camaraderie between the workers at the two potteries, many of whom had worked at the other pottery at one time or another.

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The outing from the local pub

The following photo is from a 1950s outing from the local pub, 'The White Hart', and probably includes some of the pottery workers as most of them lived locally (in the square opposite the pub, others in Devonshire Road or Rowland Hill etc).

Outing from the White Hart Pub, Wood Green/Tottenham 1950s

Key: 4  Alfie Elde, 5  Bill Marden (father of Frank), 6  Mr. Wagg (known as "Blind Wagg") with white stick. (Lived with the Dewson Family), 7  Joe Risley, 8  George Hockley (part obscured, 9  Frank Marden, 10 Joe Dewson (father of Ted Dewson), 11 Joey Halligan, 12 Harry Davis, 13 Mr Davis (Harry's father), 14 Charlie Laver, 18 ? Mr Chanbury?, 19 Mr. Jones, 23 Percy Vaughn, 24 George Gapper, 25 Ronnie Searle, 26 Ted (Buster) Dewson, 27 Mr Gapper (father of George Gapper)

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The local football team

This photo shows the local football team, Eldertree F.C. c1952/4 which played on Sunday mornings at Wood Green Town ground in the Edmonton and District League.

Eldertree Football Club c1953

Standing - left to right: 1  Mr Elder, 2  Con Duggan (Manager and Club Steward, Wood Green F C), 3  Ray Elder, 4  David Humm, 5  Albert Berritt, 6  Albert Langton, 7  ?, 8  Geoffrey Gardner, 9  Jimmie Duncan (trainer), Sitting, left to right: 1  Ronnie Flintoff, 2  Pat Duggan, 3  ?, 4  Frankie Smith, 5  ? Hudson, 6  Tommy Enson, 7  ?

Can you help?

I am eager to contact descendants of anyone who was associated with the Cole Pottery during this time.

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